Ptarmigan on the Ptundra

A walk in the hills today turned up white grouse and scenic loveliness.

Dawn in the high country was colder than I expected. About frost-nipped my fingers shooting with my gloves off.
A willow ptarmigan soaks up morning sun.
A willow ptarmigan tears across the snow.
These two males were having a turf war. It’s that time of year … breeding season for ptarmigan.
Dawn breaks softly on the peaks.
A living snowball peers from a drift.
Ptarmigan tracks.
A willow ptarmigan sails over the alpine snowpack.
I think the bird at top right is a drill sergeant or something …
A ptarmigan looks up from its pussy willow breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Ptarmigan on the Ptundra

  1. I have never seen these birds before, they are so beautiful! You still have snow and it feels cold.
    My first thought when I looked at two ptarmigans that they are having a nice “conversation” but I was wrong.

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