My Charge Account

Behold the cool days of fall, tundra red and gold, spruces gathered in a crowd on the meadow’s far side … and a bull moose head down (and slightly out of focus), ears flattened, charging hellbent as photographers scatter. It was, to be sure, a Moose Monday to remember.

So, why did the moose charge? Probably for a couple of reasons. First, we photogs were crowding the animal. That’s a big no-no. Secondly, two larger bulls had been chasing and harassing the young moose as it attempted to mingle with harem cows. The young bull was frustrated and saw in the photogs some adversaries it could actually intimidate.

No one was injured in the charge, which the bull broke off quickly. But a couple of us learned that our sprinting abilities were worthy of Olympic gold medals.

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